Entry #1

Voice Acting

2009-07-25 04:21:21 by TomatoMan7

My voice samples require some work, but I lack the ability to direct myself when it comes to recording my voice. I may not be able to make a bunch of different voices like some people, but simply changing ones tone can make all the difference, it really depends on the character.

There is one thing that I can do that a good few people can't, and that is act. I can throw myself into character pretty well, better then a lot of people, so don't always trust voice samples, just hear people out and see if the voice fits the character.

I am currently working on a few projects, one I know is on going and is being done by Synnyr. That project is called Instinct. An other project that is currently in pre-production is a Zelda animation where I am voiceing Link... yes, Link will have a voice, when it is done you should all watch it. I have also done a few minor one line projects that have yet to be posted.


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